Chapter 9

by D.M. Jewelle

 NaNo challenge: Use the quote “OK, take your phone out of my shirt!”

“And then she said, “OK, take your phone out of my shirt!”

K’nig’it nodded slowly, a small furrow forming on his forehead. “And then, what’d she say?”

“She left the bakery, and, well, that’s the end of it.”

“Hmm, a most intriguing story indeed, Mjnske; surely she must be the first philosopher to conclude so much from an orange!”

“But she does bring up an interesting point about the Republic of Coltran Ys – Despite superior weaponry they haven’t won any battles against The Vaticanny Place.”

“Her Excellency Allegra is blessed with a good tactician by her side.”

“You refer to her brother Ventolin? I’ve always thought him a violent undiplomatic man, certainly unfit for the throne.” Mjnske made no discreet attempts to hide his disdain for the crown prince. A figure who adored the public eye more than his younger sister, Ventolin had been the foremost candidate to be The God (not a typo, take note) until their father named Allegra the successor instead. The older brother’s numerous less-than-subtle failed attempts to involve Allegra in life-threatening “accidents” was no secret in every corner of their world that it was a mystery why she hadn’t had him executed ages ago.

“I hear the senate’s divided over him. He’s a military genius, but has extreme delusions of grandeur.”

“They should be…do you hear that humming sound again?”

This time round, the dishevelled young man from earlier ran from the gates of Parliament, dragging a large blue object by his side. The sound of very loud footsteps pierced the serenity once more, accompanied by the young man’s frantic screaming.


The blue figure’s feet barely touched the ground, upon closer inspection. It was hard to tell whether the blue figure had been knocked unconscious or just stunned since they passed by so fast. They tore down the garden path leading to the Administration wing, and after the ornate double doors of the wing opened and closed, the peaceful goings-on of Gobiroth’s courtyard resumed.

Mjnske and K’nig’it brushed the dust off their robes, when the clock tower in the vicinity of Parliament chimed.

“Well, it’s time for lunch, dear friend, shall we?” Mjnske got up and extended a white furry paw to the shorter beast. K’nig’it took hold of the paw and hopped off the fountain edge, shuffling beside his friend. His tail and robe trailed behind.

“I have the strangest craving for spaghetti, Mjnske…do you know any good places?”