Chapter 14 – That’s it.

The morning sun was barely visible against the dense canopy of trees, the air cool and slighly damp from the dew. Key put on his coat, dried from the night before, and stepped out, Heiderich following behind.

“Anyway if you go straight you’ll reach a weather-beaten road, you’ll be able to find your bearings from there.”

“Thanks for the food and lodging, Heiderich, I really appreciate the help,” Key bowed politely.

“I’d help you find the old women in the forest, but I really didn’t care much for them to know where they are now, unfortunately,” Heiderich explained, an apologetic tone in his voice.

“It’s ok, I think I can manage from here,” Key slid his arms through his backpack straps. “By the way, I’d ask you to come along, but-”

“-Ehhh, I don’t really care for strange expedtions like these anyway,” Heiderich casually waved off, returning to his log cabin.

“That’s what I thought.”

The door creaked shut behind Key as he clicked his heels and set off.

(That’s it; That’s all I wrote before Nov 30th. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!)