Chapter 2

by D.M. Jewelle

And so the graduation ceremony was done with and Key Sand was deeply offended that his friends had used him for their own personal merriment and joy instead of consoling him of his loss.

“We TRIED to, but you just weren’t responding!” They insisted. “We figured shock therapy might work, but obviously it didn’t because you’re STILL in that bloody skirt after four years!”

Key Sand patted down his tartan skirt, indignant at the remark. “I find them rather comfortable, and it’s all your fault.”

And thus Key Sand got into quite the brawl, which ended in a mass of bruises and several upskirt accidents nobody needed to see, all in the name of upholding his pride. In truth, how much pride could there possibly be left in a man who never noticed that his friends clothed him in ladies’ apparel?

No one dared tell him so, since if a pretty boy in a skirt can beat up 4 guys, he certainly can beat you up.